Frequently asked questions


What are the costs to attend WINGS 2020?


  • Full Participant 10-17yrs £275
  • Leader / Adult  (18yrs +) £100
  • Young Leader (14-17yrs) £100

All fees include food. Leader and Young leader costs does not include activities. Any Leader or Young Leader wishing to take part in the activities will have to pay the Full Participant Fee


  • Adult Volunteers 18yrs + £80 or £15/day
  • Young Service Team 14-17yrs £80 or £15/day
  • Volunteers children 10-17yrs £80 of £15/day
  • Volunteers children 0-9yrs Free

All fees include camp fees, on-site parking and full catering / food for the week. Does not include activities.

What is the payment schedule for WINGS 2020?


My Unit will be travelling from abroad, do i need to bring my own equipment?

As we have done for previous WINGS events, for international units we can buddy you up with UK units who can help support you with the equipment you need. This has worked well not only from an equipment point of view, but also in forging relationships ahead of the event – many units have maintained long-term relationships and gone on to host further camps together.

How do you protect my unit’s data?

We take the management of protection of data very seriously and understand the nature of the data we are storing. To better understand how we manage and keep your data secure, please read our privacy notice.

For any data related queries, please contact info@wings2020.org.uk

Food and catering

Is all food included in attendance at WINGS 2020?

During WINGS 2020 we will provide your unit with the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the 7 days.

I have a food allergy; will you be able to provide food for me?

Our professional Head of Food has an in-depth understanding of catering for people with allergies. During the event we’ll have all the 14 major food allergens covered (which accounts for 90% of food allergic reactions) in the menu.

The registration system will provide you the opportunity to make us aware of food allergies within your unit (based on the participant).

How will you manage food waste?

Our food and catering team are designing menus to best manage and minimise food waste for example designing menus that have the capability to utilise surplus food. We are also working with local food banks and charities in Berkshire who will be able to use any food waste that is produced. In addition, all our disposables will be made from plant-based materials and will be fully compostable.

How will you be sourcing the ingredients?

We want to deliver an environmentally responsible camp. As a result we will be working to minimise the miles your food has to travel, providing you with fresh food with a smaller carbon footprint.


Do I need permission forms for all or any activities?

Yes, a single permission form is included as part of the registration process. We only run activities supported by the UK Scouting and Guiding organisations

If I have a disability, can I still participate in activities?

Yes, all activities are designed to be accessible, please advise your specific needs during registration so we can make reasonable adjustments where needed

Are there restrictions on activities: age, height, weight, scout/guide?

All activities are suitable for Scout/Guide age and above, that is 10+. There may be some height/weight restrictions on specific bases. The mid-week WINGS programme is specifically designed for Cub/Brownie aged participants

Can I choose my activities?

We will schedule you for a range of activities during your week at WINGS. This enables us to maximise the amount of activities that everyone gets to do and our intention is for everyone to do everything!

Do I need special equipment of clothes for activities

You do not need to bring any special equipment. All you will need to bring are some clothes that you are OK to get wet and trainers or shoes that are good for walking in

How will I know what activities I’m doing at WINGS 2020?

We will send you a schedule for your group before you get to WINGS with a copy you can pick up when you arrive at WINGS

Can I opt out of activities I don’t want to do?

We will schedule you for activities. You don’t have to do any so you have an option to no show or show up and not participate. Make sure your leader knows.

Can I swap activities with other participants?

You will be booked under activities in your name, which will be linked to your id tag and helps us to manage the activities safely and effectively.

Still have an unanswered question?

Please feel free to contact us via the online form, the following email: info@wings2020.org.uk or contact us via our facebook page.